Our business has grown over the last 150 years to help businesses like yours get dependable, excellent service from shipper to receiver. Service is the cornerstone of our business!

We started out hauling grain off of our farm to the Milwaukee & Chicago markets. Then we began hauling grain for other farmers to the same market, and bringing back cattle feed along with other commodities back to central Wisconsin. 

As time went on, we were picking up more and more customers, and our business was growing. Our coverage area expanded to include all 48 states and eventually, Canada.  We were hauling a variety of products in our hopper bottoms including corn meal, soybean meal, sodium bicarbonate, grain, and an endless list of feed and food grade products.

Some of our customers that we were serving with hopper bottoms also had needs for pneumatic trailers. So to best serve them, we started a pneumatic division which has become our largest venture and our main focus. We also have vacuum pneumatics for plastics transport or silo evacuation / vacuum jobs. 

Today we operate 70 late model tractors, 85 pneumatic trailers, and 40 hopper bottoms all powered by the most trusted and professional drivers in the industry. 



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Why Choose Us?

Our team is long on experience, and experience is the name of the game. That experience has exposed us to some of the most challenging logistical predicaments. That exposure has offered us to provide battle tested solutions and strategies that we take with us wherever we go. 

Headquartered in New Holstein, WI with an 81,000 square foot maintenance shop where we self perform all of our own truck and trailer maintenance including manufacturer warranty work, diagnostics, electrical systems, brakes, engine overhauls, and transmission work. We perform all these services to outside carriers as well.

We also have a 2,700 square foot wash bay with three full time wash technicians. We wash all our tractors and trailers when they are in the area, along with certified food grade washouts for pneumatics and hopper bottom trailers. 

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Beyond dry bulk transport

Contact us today to discuss your current and future transportation needs. We have the equipment, trained drivers, and friendly staff to provide the best customer service in the business.

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